Reasons Why Plumbing System is Clogged

There are some cases in which we will experience clogging sooner or later, and there are many reasons why clogging occurs. There are also ways to prevent things from clogging, we hope that you will learn some tips and realization. In this blog we will talk about the reasons why clogging occurs, we will only list down the common reasons, not all reasons. And if you actually experienced clogging now, we suggest you to contact plumber Baytown TX or bytown plumbers for your clogging problems.

But before diving into the topic, let us first know what clogging actually is. Clogging is a block or become blocked with an accumulation of thick, wet matter or a solid. Clogging typically occurs in household sinks, bathroom, and etc. There are ways to prevent things from clogging and there is also a reason why it clogs and we are going to be talking about it.

• Mashed Potato and Flour

Draining mash potato and wet flour into the sink is a bad idea, when it goes to the pipes, it won’t go down. Because mashed potato and flour becomes mushy and wen it’s mushy it becomes more solid and huge amounts of solid is a bad idea because it normally doesn’t pass through the pipe. Resulting to clogging which is a pain in the butt. You have to scoop out the mash potato or flour through the pipes which is not cool because it takes time and effort, you better call an expert.

• Bones and Stones

Another reason for clogging is bones and stones which can potentially break you pipe and it also could cost quite a dollar if this ever occurs. When you are washing dishes some bones and sometimes stone can get into the sink, causing it to clog because of the big quantities or the big size each stone or bone has. Sometimes when a bone or stone is to sharp, it creates holes which could probably lead to leakage which is not that good of a news. If this ever happens you need to call someone who actually know how to get the bones and stones out of the sink.

• Vegetables and Fruits

Again, when solids, big things, big quantities, goes into your sink there is a high possibility it would probably clog. Vegetables like carrots, potatoes, broccolis, and other vegetable that is large and is solid is a big cause of clogging. Same goes for fruits like, watermelon, peaches, apples, and others, it could potentially cause of clogging. So, watch out to this two when you are washing dishes.


When washing dishes, you should have a strainer so that it can separate the solid to the liquids. A strainer cannot only get the solid but it also is cheap so buying a strainer is a big yes if you don’t want a clogged sink.

Call and expert and ask them what to do when you have a clog sink and if you still don’t know call them over to have an inspection. Although, it might cause some money, it is worth it if you want to wash in your house.