How to Make Naked Cake for Weddings

Naked cakes are perfect for weddings at any time or season. But these cakes are not just perfect for weddings. They can be used for almost all celebrations, such as Easter, Mother’s Day, birthday, and graduation. Just like in any type of cake, being creative is very important.

The best thing about naked cakes is they can be very unique and quite fun to do. There are actually two types of naked cakes, such as the semi-naked and the half-dressed. Both of them have no to minimal amounts of frosting swiped around it. That’s the reason why semi-naked cakes are also called crumb-coated cakes.

Naked Cake at its Finest

True naked cakes are great to make because you can take the designs on a whole new level. These cakes are bare and simple, which leaves a lot of space to create beauty and charm. To make naked cakes, you’ll need a good layer of cake of your choice of flavor. Vanilla layer cakes are fine, and you can put up to four layers of it to make a wedding cake of a considerable height.

A good suggestion for a naked wedding cake is a red velvet tiered cake. For design ideas, you place fresh raspberries around the base of each cake layer and even put them in between the layers. These are the types of design that work best on naked cakes.

Naked Cake Flavors

One of the most common flavors of naked cakes is the vanilla buttercream flavor. It’s the one highly recommended for the half-dressed cake styles. The idea is quite simple. You simply have to show off the semi-exposed parts of the cake as well as its decorative designs. If you’re not into vanilla, don’t worry. You can work with other flavors, such as mocha and chocolate.

There’s really no stopping you from choosing which design and cake flavor to use. Just make sure that they go very well together. You can always get grand mom’s good old cake recipe book and follow the instructions there. Just don’t go overboard with the frosting as you want your cake as naked as it can possibly be.

Homemade Naked Cake Tips

If you want to make a beautiful naked cake, the first step is to put up a plan on how you’ll do it. Decide the amount of frosting that you want, and if you prefer a fully or semi-naked cake. As for decors, you have to make them handy so garnishing is easy.

Be sure to prepare the cake pan before starting. Use the best cake pans available and put adequate grease in them. Nonstick spray is still the best. Make sure that you place the same amount of batter in every pan. To do this quite accurately, use the good old kitchen scale. Make sure that each pan weighs the same.

Once the cake is baked, try to level it well. Make sure that it is flat on every side. Ensure that all cake layers are flat for added stability. Use a serrated knife for the best results, and remember to just keep it simple.


Reasons Why Plumbing System is Clogged

There are some cases in which we will experience clogging sooner or later, and there are many reasons why clogging occurs. There are also ways to prevent things from clogging, we hope that you will learn some tips and realization. In this blog we will talk about the reasons why clogging occurs, we will only list down the common reasons, not all reasons. And if you actually experienced clogging now, we suggest you to contact plumber Baytown TX or bytown plumbers for your clogging problems.

But before diving into the topic, let us first know what clogging actually is. Clogging is a block or become blocked with an accumulation of thick, wet matter or a solid. Clogging typically occurs in household sinks, bathroom, and etc. There are ways to prevent things from clogging and there is also a reason why it clogs and we are going to be talking about it.

• Mashed Potato and Flour

Draining mash potato and wet flour into the sink is a bad idea, when it goes to the pipes, it won’t go down. Because mashed potato and flour becomes mushy and wen it’s mushy it becomes more solid and huge amounts of solid is a bad idea because it normally doesn’t pass through the pipe. Resulting to clogging which is a pain in the butt. You have to scoop out the mash potato or flour through the pipes which is not cool because it takes time and effort, you better call an expert.

• Bones and Stones

Another reason for clogging is bones and stones which can potentially break you pipe and it also could cost quite a dollar if this ever occurs. When you are washing dishes some bones and sometimes stone can get into the sink, causing it to clog because of the big quantities or the big size each stone or bone has. Sometimes when a bone or stone is to sharp, it creates holes which could probably lead to leakage which is not that good of a news. If this ever happens you need to call someone who actually know how to get the bones and stones out of the sink.

• Vegetables and Fruits

Again, when solids, big things, big quantities, goes into your sink there is a high possibility it would probably clog. Vegetables like carrots, potatoes, broccolis, and other vegetable that is large and is solid is a big cause of clogging. Same goes for fruits like, watermelon, peaches, apples, and others, it could potentially cause of clogging. So, watch out to this two when you are washing dishes.


When washing dishes, you should have a strainer so that it can separate the solid to the liquids. A strainer cannot only get the solid but it also is cheap so buying a strainer is a big yes if you don’t want a clogged sink.

Call and expert and ask them what to do when you have a clog sink and if you still don’t know call them over to have an inspection. Although, it might cause some money, it is worth it if you want to wash in your house.


Easy Weight Loss

Are you getting tired of being fat or overweight? Do not worry because we are now going to help you with your problem because we honor the truth that it is better to be fit and healthy since this will play a great role in your life and it will make you happier than you are as of today. Although there are a lot of ways that are proposed by different companies and agencies on how to lose weight, we believe in the most natural way of losing weight easily without torturing yourself from not eating or exercising too much.  

Weight Loss

We have three fine ways on how you could actually lose weight. These ways are very safe for you since this does not put your body into a shock and it does not let you intake different chemicals just to lose weight. You need not to take slimming pills because these are very dangerous especially if you are taking it without the consent of a physician that could tell you the proper dosage that you should take.  

If you are suffering from being called by fat by everybody, this article for you because we would gladly help you with your dilemma and we would not let you live this life without giving this a fight. For these ways to take effect, you should also make sure that you are devoted to doing this. Your will and your passion are what we truly need to make sure that you are going to lose weight after you finish reading this article. We sincerely hope that you enjoy reading this one. Let weight loss  Tustin help you out. 


When we say starch, we are talking about carbohydrates. We would like to tell you that you should watch the amount of starch that we are in taking since this is one of the main reasons why we gain a lot of weight and it goes uncontrollable since we are not able to prevent it from happening now.  


These are very important for your body because it will lead you to a healthier lifestyle since you are now very open to making sure that you need to be healthy for your safety. As what we have said, do not ever settle for less and make sure that the fruits, vegetables and protein you are going to buy in the market is organic or very fresh. Check your veggies and your fruits before you purchase them so that you are getting the best of your money.  


It is very important to make sure that you eat what you want so that you will not be craving anything. If you are not going to satisfy your cravings, this will lead you to having many and big meals a day because your body wants to satisfy that hunger for a certain type of food which will not promote a healthy weight loss.  




How to Start a Moving Business 

Putting up a business is challenging, no matter what kind of business it is. If you want to venture into moving business, you have to prepare yourself. Residential and commercial moving businesses will take you some time to setup before you can say it’s already legitimate. It will require you a detailed business plan obtain licenses, insurance and permits to successfully carry out the business. Follow the steps below if you want to pursue this business in the future.

Moving Business

  • Determine Your Specialization
  • To set your business apart from other same business, you have to determine your specialty. The moving industry has a lot of amateur movers who will offer cheap services because they don’t have the legal requirements. You should enter the competition as a professional and offer professional services. A man and van Gloucester aka movers, once started as a startup movers but then they become reputable over the years.

    How did they do it? They consider variety of services at first then chose one that they would include in their business forever. You can choose from packing or loading services, providing storage space between moves, moving in and out of state, and packing and unpacking services. You have to determine what makes you special than the rest of the companies out there.

  • Attend a Moving Training
  • If you have experiences with this business before; then good for you because you know how it works. But if you have none, you better attend a moving training and learn whatever you need to learn. Moving in and out of a place is not super complicated, but it should have a flow and a rhythm to make the business flow fast and easy. When moving belongings of your client, you should have the skills and knowledge about packing, loading, and even unpacking. With the proper training, you will become an efficient mover, saving time and space.

  • Secure a Commercial Space
  • Look for a good location which is large enough to accommodate your business, especially once it grows. As a starter, you will need one truck or van for the business but then see it as a growing business in the future; you would probably need a fleet. If one of your services includes providing storage space for the customers, you would need a larger commercial space.

  • Purchase a Moving Truck
  • Once you obtain a commercial space, it’s time to purchase a moving truck. By this time, you should have all your permits so you can stick your DOT sticker and logo in your truck. Purchase other equipment like gloves, dollies, boxes, pads, wrap ramps, packing supplies and others. Purchase boxes and other packing materials, you can include them on your moving kits.

  • Hire Your Staff
  • You cannot run the business alone, you will need at least one person to help you ran the business. Make sure you train him to ensure that you’re both on the same page regarding packing, loading, moving, unloading, and unpacking.



For those people who love trees very much. They are more careful in planting and even for caring them. It is good to know more about trees as they could be sick like humans, too. You have to make sure that you know the possible solution and remedy for those trees diseases.  Tree Service Company in Murfreesboro Tennessee can be contacted anytime you have questions.

Experts listed some of the diseases that could kill your trees.


TREE DISEASE NUMBER ONE: This may not be common to you but for sure you know how it looks like. This type of diseases is caused by fungi. It is called the anthracnose disease of the tree. But you have to be very careful about your tree as it could attack the different parts of the trees like the flowers, leaves, stems, branches and even the fruits of it. North American trees are more prone to this kind of fugal disease.

TREE DISEASE NUMBER TWO: It sounds like a kind of fruit but it’s not, this one happens to the early stage of the leaves. Apple scab causes premature to deformation of the leaves. For some gardeners, they are suing some pesticides and fungicide to eradicate and prevent this from scattering.

TREE DISEASE NUMBER THREE: Some plants would experience the common disease cedar rust. You will notice the orange to yellow color in the leaves. It could be a very small spot to a bigger one. The same thing with the first disease mentioned, you can use some fungicide available in your place.

TREE DISEASE NUMBER FOUR: If you have pine tree near to your house or even in your back yards. You can probably notice some dying parts of the tree. They usually expand as well. This type of disease is commonly known as diplodia. This can be prevented by proper pruning and pesticides usage. And even proper sanitation to the trees and area.

TREE DISEASE NUMBER FIVE: For those people who like to take care of palms in their garden. It is a very common and widespread disease that your palm trees could have is the lethal yellowing of the leaves. If yours is a native kind, you don’t need to worry about this. This type of disease is caused by microorganisms and a bacterium that is very similar to microorganisms that is called as phytoplasma. It is carried by some insects. If you want to save your palm trees you need to have antibiotic injected to your trees.

TREE DISEASE NUMBER SIX: Another fungal type of disease is the oak wilt disease? There is a transmitter to this disease and they are called the beetles. They simple symptom of this disease will be shown to the leaves of the tree. It will yellow in color and the becomes brown.

TREE DISEASE NUMBER SEVEN: If you are thinking about nuts, there is also a disease that a walnut tree could have. This one is called the thousand cankers. Beetles and small insects are the suspect for this.