How to Make Naked Cake for Weddings

Naked cakes are perfect for weddings at any time or season. But these cakes are not just perfect for weddings. They can be used for almost all celebrations, such as Easter, Mother’s Day, birthday, and graduation. Just like in any type of cake, being creative is very important.

The best thing about naked cakes is they can be very unique and quite fun to do. There are actually two types of naked cakes, such as the semi-naked and the half-dressed. Both of them have no to minimal amounts of frosting swiped around it. That’s the reason why semi-naked cakes are also called crumb-coated cakes.

Naked Cake at its Finest

True naked cakes are great to make because you can take the designs on a whole new level. These cakes are bare and simple, which leaves a lot of space to create beauty and charm. To make naked cakes, you’ll need a good layer of cake of your choice of flavor. Vanilla layer cakes are fine, and you can put up to four layers of it to make a wedding cake of a considerable height.

A good suggestion for a naked wedding cake is a red velvet tiered cake. For design ideas, you place fresh raspberries around the base of each cake layer and even put them in between the layers. These are the types of design that work best on naked cakes.

Naked Cake Flavors

One of the most common flavors of naked cakes is the vanilla buttercream flavor. It’s the one highly recommended for the half-dressed cake styles. The idea is quite simple. You simply have to show off the semi-exposed parts of the cake as well as its decorative designs. If you’re not into vanilla, don’t worry. You can work with other flavors, such as mocha and chocolate.

There’s really no stopping you from choosing which design and cake flavor to use. Just make sure that they go very well together. You can always get grand mom’s good old cake recipe book and follow the instructions there. Just don’t go overboard with the frosting as you want your cake as naked as it can possibly be.

Homemade Naked Cake Tips

If you want to make a beautiful naked cake, the first step is to put up a plan on how you’ll do it. Decide the amount of frosting that you want, and if you prefer a fully or semi-naked cake. As for decors, you have to make them handy so garnishing is easy.

Be sure to prepare the cake pan before starting. Use the best cake pans available and put adequate grease in them. Nonstick spray is still the best. Make sure that you place the same amount of batter in every pan. To do this quite accurately, use the good old kitchen scale. Make sure that each pan weighs the same.

Once the cake is baked, try to level it well. Make sure that it is flat on every side. Ensure that all cake layers are flat for added stability. Use a serrated knife for the best results, and remember to just keep it simple.